How To Get Room ID and Password To Play Custom Room Match in Free Fire

Playing any games alongside mates is entertaining and Free Fire is no exception.

The popular battle royale games gives players an option to create custom room to play with their own mates or to host tournaments.

How to get custom room id and password

To create a custom room, not with standing, players want a room card.

In this article we discussed how players can get custom room id and password in Battle Champ eSports App to play Free Fire custom room match.

How to get room id and password?

Custom Room ID and Password for PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, etc are shared inside the Battle Champ eSports Application before 5 to 10 minutes of match start time.

  1. Just open the Battle Champ App and scroll up/down to the match that you participated and click on it.
  2. Now go to “Ongoing” section
  3. Then you can see your participated match in ongoing just click on it.
  4. After click on your participated match you’ll get a unique custom room id and password in popup box.

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How to join free fire custom room to play tournaments

Step1. Open Garena Free Fire application and let it load fully to the lobby.

Step2. On top left screen, below the game mode settings options you will get a Home icon Click on it.

Step3. Now you’ll see a list of Free Fire custom rooms with a search option on top left side corner.

Type the Free Fire custom room ID in the search ber that you got from Battle Champ eSports App.

Step4. Click to enter room and if the custom room is protected then a pop-up box will be display.

Just enter the custom room password that you get from the Battle Champ eSports App and click on “Confirm” button.

Step5. Now finally you’re in the Free Fire Custom Room. You can change your position as per your team or slot choice and then wait for the match/game to start.


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