How to change nickname in Free Fire without diamond

Change nickname in Free Fire without diamonds: Changing the nickname in Garena Free Fire normally costs 390 diamonds, which is one of the battle royale game’s in-game currencies.

Since consumers must pay to get it, they seek out alternate methods to update their name at a cheaper cost or even for free. The use of a ‘Name Change Card’ is one of the methods.

How to change nickname in Free Fire

The following is a reference to changing your IGN in Garena Free Fire by investing less diamonds.

How to change nickname in Free Fire for fewer diamonds

By scoring multiple points in the Free Fire Regional War, players can quickly acquire a name change card for free. However, the case is currently unavailable.

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This card can also be purchased from the in-game shop for 200 guild tokens and 39 diamonds. They will do so by following the steps shown below.

  1. Gamers must first open the store and select the “Redeem” button
  2. Then they must choose the “Guild Token” part
  3. Choose “Name Change Card” and swap it successfully for diamonds and guild tokens

Guild tokens can be obtained by opening guild materials. Players can currently obtain them via the Daily Guild Quest, which requires them to perform a certain number of matches with guild members.

How to use Free Fire name change card

After obtaining the “Name Change Card,” users can take the steps outlined below.

  1. They must first access the profile segment by click the banner in top left corner
  2. Then, next to the “Personal Name Badge,” tap the icon
  3. Choose the icon next to the current name. Users would be prompted to type a new name in a pop-up window
  4. To change the name with a name change pass, push the button with the card icon after entering the desired nickname


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