Best Free Fire Tournament App With Free Entry Fee 2021

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is the perfect Free Fire tournament app for you if you are positive in your Free Fire skills and want to make some real money off it.

Free Fire is a highly competitive battle royale game for Android and iOS that was released by Garena in 2017. The game hosts massive competitions during the year in which the top players from around the world battle for millions of dollars in prize money.

Best Free Fire Tournament App With Free Entry Fee 2021

Aside from the major tournaments, Free Fire tournament applications host smaller tournaments with a decent prize pool for all players to enter and win real money. Many Free Fire tournaments with free entry are available every day in Free Fire tournament applications for you to play and play in.

Mobile Premier League, an online esports site for mobile gamers, is arguably the best Free Fire tournament app in India.

Best Free Fire tournament app 

The Mobile Premier League (MPL) is an Indian-based online esports website/application. It was released in 2018 and has a total player base of over 25 million.

Best Free Fire Tournament App with free entry fee 1021
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The software includes a variety of smartphone games, including Free Fire. If you are good at the game, MPL is one of the best Free Fire tournament applications for you to earn real money. You must compete against other online players on the game and win in order to earn real money.

In MPL, there are three major categories of formats.

  1. Tournaments: Every day, the app hosts a slew of tournaments in which you can play for a prize pool. If your final standing is high, you will get the prize money.
  2. 1 vs 1 Fight: It’s simple: you challenge another player on the platform to a 1 vs 1 battle, and if you win, you get gold.
  3. Fantasy football: You can put together your own fantasy sports team using real-life athletes. Your team’s success would be dependent on the real-life performance of real players.

In the case of Free Fire, you can win money by participating in tournaments on the website. Simply search for an open slot in a tournament on the app and enrol. Free competitions will have smaller prizes, while paying a small fee will result in a larger prize pool.

You can transfer your winnings money instantly to your Bank Account, PayTM Wallet, Amazon Pay and UPI.

How to download and install MPL (Mobile Premier League) 

You must go to their official website to download the Mobile Premier League (MPL) App. Click the ‘Get SMS with download connect’ button after entering your cell phone number. Since MPL is not available on the Google Play Store, this is the only way to get it. If you come across a bogus MPL app on the Google Play Store, be cautious.

Follow the link to download and update the software on your phone when you get the SMS with the download link.

MPL is now available for download and installation from third-party stores such as APKure and Aptoide.

How to join Free Fire tournaments on MPL (Mobile Premier League) 

Free Fire is one of the most successful games in India right now, so you’ll find Free Fire tournaments on the website almost every day.

To participate in an MPL Free Fire competition, you must first have both Free Fire and MPL enabled on your devices.

Go to the All Games tab in MPL. There you can find Free Fire. When you tap it, the programme will show you the latest tournaments. You would not be qualified to join a tournament if it is complete. You will have to pay a premium to participate in certain tournaments.

Tap on the tournament you want to participate and enter your Free Fire ID. Ten minutes before the tournament begins, you will collect details about the tournament, including the Room ID and password. To join the tournament, go to the Free Fire custom room and enter the assigned Room ID and password. When the time comes, the match will begin automatically.

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